It's All About The Science

Johnson labs is a research and nutrition based healthcare company that deals with Obesity and Obesity related disorders. We have a 3 pronged approach including Personal Nutritionist and Doctors, customized meal plans and Superfoods and tech based scientific analysis and constant mentoring.

A large team of expert Nutritionists

A Large team of Experts. Including 100+ full time Nutritionists and Doctors. The team is lead by Dr.Soni Narayan a leading food scientist. She has done her Education in nutrition from Medifit University of Maharashtra (Mumbai).

Years of Research

We have spent over 10 years researching all the diet programs in the world, before we came up with John labs. If you want to read more about our research, read our book “Ultimate Guide to John labs Loss”.

A Program where we don’t count calories.

Worldover, dieticians tell you to count calories. We don’t. We believe there are far more important factors which lead to weight gain e.g. hormonal imbalance. To read more about it,

Addresses 7 Causes of Obesity

There are 7 major causes of obesity and related lifestyle disorders and unless we attack all of them, we will not get sustainable results.

Powered by Super Foods

Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods beneficial for health and well-being. John labs foods are made with over 35 such Super Foods i.e. barley grass, spirulina, alfaalfa grass, acacia gum, herbs, foxtail millet,etc.

Validated by thousands of happy customers

Over 35000+ people have seen significant improvement in their health with us. You can be one of them. To read more about them,

With over 100+ doctors and Nutritionists, John labs takes pride in its scientific approach as a Healthcare company. We have spent over 5 years researching all the diet programs in the world and finally John labs was born.

Most dieticians tell you to count calories but we like to keep a more inclusive view of things. Calories alone do not count! 100 calories of coca-cola are not the same as 100 calories from an Apple. There’s more to it than what just meets the eye.. Feel free to visit our centers for a free diet consultation or call us at your place for free home consultation.